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Our instructors at Work Life Destinations are Certified Professional  Coaches with their own successful coaching practices. They have been trained and are certified as professional trainers as well as experienced public speakers. Each of our trainers has hundreds of hours of training and several thousand hours of coaching clients. They hold ICF Credentials and  are all members of good standing in the International Coach Federation.

They are well versed in adult learning principles and provide a very insightful and interactive learning experience. They know how to keep the topics fun and exciting. They provide frank and balanced  written constructive feedback while allowing plenty of time for questions and conversations with peers. They provide examples for their experiences to bring the skills and principles to life.

Our Philosophy is to provide a value based affordable experience that will be informative, interactive and allow plenty of time to practice in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Our students will be sufficiently trained and prepared to start their own private practice.

After completion of each class our trainers continue to support their students as they progress in their career and build their coaching portfolios.

Suzanne Rosetti

Training Director/Owner

Suzanne Rosetti, Training Director, Owner and Principle at Work Life Destinations LLC, Coaching and Training Academy. Suzanne is an IFC PCC Credential and is Certified Professional Coach with over 20 years of successful professional coaching, coaching leadership and training. She worked as a Banking Executive and Director in Washington DC area where she currently owns a successful coaching and training company.

Suzanne is certified as an Omega Performance Trainer, Professional and Business Coach, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner with Multi-health Systems for EQ-I, Eq-360, BOEI. She is an active member in good standing of International Coach Federation.

Suzanne and her team embrace the Guiding Principles Of Coaching, Core Competencies and Code of Ethics of the ICF in every aspect their of performance. Suzanne has logged thousands of hours of coaching individuals and groups. She has trained and certified hundreds of coaches throughout the country. She is an author and accomplished public speaker. She has won numerous awards for her leadership and coaching accomplishments in the corporate business environment. Included in her awards was the prestigious Chairman’s Award from the Greater Bethesda Chevy Chase Chamber of Commerce 2005 where she served on the Executive Board of Directors for 5 years. She has been recognized as a leader in her field and in the community for her volunteer activities working with the fine arts, students, educators, spiritual leaders and small business owners.

In one of her many corporate roles she was the coach to the coaches and found coaching to be her passion.

Amy Videla

Certified Coach/Trainer & Curriculum Designer

Amy Videla, Certified Coach, Trainer and Curriculum Designer, Work Life Destinations, LLC, CEO of Emerge LLC. Amy is an experienced Professional Coach, with a successful private coaching practice. She has logged thousands of coaching hours working with individuals and teams in professional settings. Amy was a very successful Banking Executive in the Washington DC area recognized for her outstanding communication and motivation skills; before she turned her concentration to her passion, coaching and training. She is an author and accomplished public speaker and an active member in good standing of International Coach Federation.

Nicole Garcia

Certified Coach with IFC ACC Credential and Principal for NLH Consulting

Nicole Garcia Holcomb is a Certified Coach with IFC ACC Credential and Principal for NLH Consulting.

Like you, leadership coach and strategist Nicole has seen the surge in popularity the word leadership has received in recent years and the questions it has generated for many. What makes a great leader? Are people born with the skills or can they learn them? Does leadership only refer to people at the top of a company?

With over 20 years of experience in the nitty-gritty task of unraveling complex employee relations and organizational dynamics, she defines it differently than many in her field. Nicole appreciates and shares with others that leadership is about the choices you make, and not about title or position. When we choose to live our lives in a way that inspires someone to do the same, we are leaders; and capable of making this world a better place.

Sometimes referred to as the “people reader” for her ability to sense what’s not being said, Nicole is known for asking questions that help her clients discover their own truth and path as a leader. Inspired by her own personal struggle to “fit in at work” and “fit in at home”, Nicole’s passion is coaching leaders of color, in particular, to leverage their distinct perspective in a way that broadens the spectrum of group norms for people of color.

Currently, Nicole is advising and coaching the senior leadership team of a newly-merged, progressive non-profit organization, BOOM!Health, through an organizational culture integration. Prior to starting her own leadership consulting and coaching practice in 2010, Nicole held a number of progressive leadership roles within human resources across a variety of industries such as legal, banking, advertising, and consumer products ending as the Vice President of Human Resources for CHD Group, one of the most respected brands in the intimate apparel industry.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Brooklyn College. In addition, she is versed and certified in leading organizational and leadership development tools such as: Everything DiSC®, Emotional Intelligence 2.0, The Art of Transformational Consulting, The Leadership Challenge, The Great Workplace, Coaching Skills for Leaders, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, HRDQ Style Series, and Coaching for Commitment.