Journey from CPC to ACC

Journey from CPC to ACC

Our journey from Certified Professional Coach (CPC) to the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ASC) includes tuition for both the CPC and ASC courses in addition to the 10-hour mentor coaching required by the International Coaching Federation and includes one coaching call recording review (60 minutes or less).


For your required coaching call review:

  • you will submit your coaching call recording and transcript to your mentor coach
  • the call must be between 30 – 60 minutes
  • feedback will be provided to you directly

Additional recordings can be reviewed for $200 each

This option is perfect for the coach who knows that they are motivated and ready to commit to the entire coaching accreditation journey.

This package offers you significant discounts and must be completed within eighteen months.


  • Certified Professional Coach Course (CPC)
  • Advanced Skills Coach Course (ASC)
  • 60 Hours of ICF Accredited CEUs with Transcripts
  • 10 hours of Mentor Coaching
  • 1 Coaching Call Recording Review

60 ICF Accredited Education Hours + 10 ICF Accredited Mentorship Hours in our Mentor Coaching Program + 1 ACC Credentialing Coaching Call Evaluation
(with feedback)

10 Hours 1:1 Coach Mentoring is available for and additional fee